Subject: Re: booting Efika with ppc-oea-renovation
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Matt Sealey <>
List: port-ofppc
Date: 07/09/2007 20:48:37
Tim Rightnour wrote:
> Yeah.. I don't have a dump of the pci node itself for the efika. Could you cd
> to /pci and do a .properties for me there?  It would help a bunch.  The match
> routine just probably needs some fiddling.  I also don't have code written to
> decode the reg format that the efika uses.  That code shouldn't be too hard to
> write though, its the same data, just in a different format.

The reg format the Efika uses is totally inconsequential. What you see in
.properties is nothing more than a pretty print.

The "decode-phys" (an Open Firmware standard function) word will happily turn
it from a property into the same long winded ssnndd00000blah blah blah PCI
address format as Apple uses. Both of them are in the PCI bus binding spec.

decode-phys is what you should use - you can loop over "assigned-addresses" with
that, and loop over "reg" with decode-phys then decode-int for start/length.

Please use the OF interface if you can.

>> - The PIC type is unknown (only 8259 and openpic supported)
>> I guess the last point will be the biggest task. There should be a new
>> directory in sys/arch/powerpc, called mpc52xx, or similar, which will
>> contain all the builtin 52xx functions.
> Yeah..  because it has it's own special PIC and little builtin bus, you will
> have to do some additional work there.

Well, the PIC is pretty well documented. In any case I'd make sure you are
using the firmware properly, as much as can be done without turning it off,
and then if you have to turn it off, do so in the knowledge that you got
most of the relevant data out already.

Matt Sealey <>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations