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Date: 01/08/2006 03:43:07

NetBSD was being worked on by some guys in the team, we donated hardware
to O'Brien (?) and another one (I don't have access to the database right
now sorry) and Jorge Acerada (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) has
a box anyway and was willing to help.

As far as I recall, it booted into single user mode, then they couldn't
get the openfirmware ethernet to work - plus a few firmware bugs may
have stalled progress (some of these are fixed now). We have suggested
eschewing the OF port for now and using x86 drivers (NetBSD 2.0 supports
everything except the Firewire and GigE on other hardware) instead.

I think people have simply run out of time for it though.

I would love to hear from those with responsibility as to the actual

On January 9th, that's tomorrow, the hardware specs and schematics
become available from to registered members (free signup).
This may spur someone to look back at it, with renewed information
and so on.

Hope that is what you were looking for.

Matt Sealey <>
Manager, Genesi, Developer Relations

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> What is the state as of netbsd3-0 of this hardware ? Is 
> anyone working on this right now?
> With apple going to the dogs, i am looking for something to 
> fill that niche beneath the high end SUN Ultra product line 
> above the i386 commodity boxes. At these prices i can do away 
> with the i386 altogether.
> Mostly the lack of IEEE1275 suport makes the i386 an 
> inaproprate choice for remote servers.
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