Subject: next68k status report, short form
To: None <>
From: Darrin B. Jewell <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 09/26/1998 17:09:22
Unfortunately, I am under a deadline on my day job this weekend, so I
don't have the time to send a real update to this list as I had
promised the web page authors.  Instead, here's a few cryptic

. I haven't worked on it in about a month, due to other obligations.
    ( I just moved, and am still unpacking)  I should have be able
   to get back to the project with about 1day/week soon.

  . I spent some time in august looking at the turbo machines, only
to realized that they are different enough that they are probably
not going to run without some significant work figuring out the
hardware differences.

  . I hope to get back to work on the project shortly, and expect to
tackle the uvm integration (a few hours work) and then finish the scsi
driver (a few days work at least)

  . There are a lot of small specific projects I would like other
people to do.  If you want something to work on, let me know.  Things
that come to mind include:
 . fixing the date routines in clock.c
 . resyncing the bus_dma.c with the alpha code
 . testing out compiling natively with egcs.
 . figuring out/fixing the egcs fpsp.o cross compile problem.
 . figure out the hardware powerdown.
 . figure out the rom interface, make reboot & halt work.
 . add 68030 support in locore.s
 . volunteer to recompile, make snapshots, and help other people
   get booted.
 . We probably need a new userland snapshot as soon as things
   settle down with the -current tree.  There will probably be
   changes needed in our code and in the m68k code to match
   the new signal changes.  This will need to be compiled and

  . The linux people have been picking up some steam again.  It looks
like our work is useful to them, and its always good to have more
hardware experts around.

  . Currently, volunteers have talked about integrating a console
driver, and floppy disk/installation support.  I'd like to get status
reports.  Has anyone intending to do work managed to recompile a
kernel from source yet?

  . There are bugs.  We have a gnats category.  Please send-pr bug

  . I try to answer mail I get, but the
list is a better place to ask questions.  Also, if you do send me
mail with questios, it is better to CC it to the list, so I know
I can CC my response there.  I am more likely to spend time on
an answer if it can benefit multiple people.