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Re: 'Memory parity error.' on NWS-3260

kiyohara%kk.iij4u.or.jp@localhost wrote:

> I added some optional memories (8Mbyte) and tried again.  The result
> loading the kernel seems to have succeeded. 

(sorry a late response)
bootxx on newsmips loads a secondary boot at 0x70000 for larger kernels,
so you have to have at least 8MB memory to boot NetBSD/newsmips.
(well, we should note it somewhere)

>   NEWS> bo fh
>   NetBSD/newsmips Primary Boot
>   NetBSD/newsmips Secondary Boot, Revision 1.7
>   (builds@wb38, Sat Dec 15 23:39:07 PST 2007)
>   Booting fh(0,0,0)
>   4076336-
>   Please remove disk 1, insert disk 2, and press return...
>   +75384=0x3f5cd4
>   <-- cursor here.
> And, I will support it here after a few days (or month ? ;-).

Hmm, news3200 should just work if you use serial console.
At least there are some reports of NWS-3260:

Note 4.0 floppies work fine on NWS-3470D, so there might be
something wrong on checking models.
Izumi Tsutsui

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