Subject: Re: NWS-3260
To: Izumi Tsutsui <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=FCrgen_Fricke?= <>
List: port-newsmips
Date: 09/29/2002 20:18:20
Hi Tsutsui San!

If you are interested, i can send a NWS-3260 to you. If the job is not
to complex, i can do it by myself with some tips & hints from you.

Thanx a lot for help..

Am Sonntag den, 29. September 2002, um 20:01, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:

> wrote:
>> I don't know about this is real error message. If so, where can i
>> download
>> an install image (boot.fs) with FPU suppurt for NWS-3260 ?
> All netbsd kernels are compiled with -msoftfloat and no FPU
> instructions are used in kernel. Maybe the real problem here is
> a bug in the interrupt handler caused by spurious interrupts
> from framebuffer.
>> now after many trys i found an boot-image that rocks. But yet another
>> problem is that this image looks like incomplete. After the first and
>> second boostrap, a minimal NetBSD is running from floppy.
> That 1.4L image is too old and it does not include sysinst.
>> Where can i find this program compiled for running on NEWS-MIPS R3000?
>> And what i have to do to now for the next undocumented steps?
> NetBSD 1.6 supports R3000 newsmips and it actually works fine on
> my NWS-3470, but it has problem on machines which have unsupported
> framebuffers. Probably there are some problem on console initialization,
> but it's a bit hard to debug without a real machine..
> ---
> Izumi Tsutsui