Subject: Re: Status of port-newsmips?
To: None <>
From: Mauricio <>
List: port-newsmips
Date: 09/14/2002 00:12:53
>  > TESTING MAIN MEMORY ......... FROM 0xa0000000 THROUGH 0xa0bf7fff
>>  --------> This means that it has 12MB of RAM, right?
>Yes. The last some kbytes are used by the PROM monitor.
>Maybe it has twelve 1MB SIMMs, and you can put 4MB SIMMs instead
>up to 64Mbytes. My NWS-3470D has 64M RAM.

	Cool.  Time for some SIMM hunting then =)

>>  --------> All that means it does not have a floppy in the drive, right?
>Hmm, by default, internal floppy drive should be 3.5" bay
>at right side. If it is not there, it might be removed, unfortunately.

	Actually, the drive is there.  I was just wondering if the 
message indicated whether the drive was empty (no floppy in the 

>  > NEWS> revarp
>>  Server not respond.
>>  --------> This means the machine is set up to get its IP address from
>>  a server, right?
>Maybe. But IIRC NEWS machines use the "rd (remote disk)" protocol
>to load kernel, and it is not supported by NetBSD.

	Ok.  I was curious about whether the machine was set up to 
boot diskless or something like that.

>  > NEWS> di
>>  Tahoe disk label
>>  a:        0    34200
>>  b:    34200   200000
>>  c:        0   586764
>>  d:   234201   320000
>>  e:   554202    32562
>>  f:   327582   259182
>>  g:   327582   129591
>>  h:   457173   129591
>>  -------->  This is the hard drive, right?  Can I assume the
>>  partitions labels are similar to other BSD unixes (c is the entire
>>  disk, b is swap, and so on)?  Also, what is the unit used in each
>>  column?  Bytes?
>NEWS-OS 4.x is completely derived from 4.3BSD, so it should be
>disklabel of the internal SCSI drive. The unit would be sector,
>which should be 512bytes.


>  > NEWS> vers
>>  SONY NET WORK STATION R3000 Monitor Release 2.0A
>>  Model NWS-3710, Machine ID #30145, Ethernet address 08:00:46:00:79:e7
>>  NEWS>
>>  It seems karas is slowly on its way to come back to the world of 
>>the living. =)
>If your machine actually does not have floppy drive, you can
>write boot.fs image into a SCSI drive and can boot NetBSD from it.

	Well, it does have a floppy drive.  So, I created a boot 
floppy in my Sparc20 (after downloading the boot.fs you mentioned in 
a previous message).  This is how far it went:

NEWS> bo fh
NetBSD/newsmips Primary Boot
NetBSD/newsmips Secondary Boot, Revision 1.7
(, Sat Sep  7 19:57:02 UTC 2002)
Booting fh(0,0,0)

and it just hang up on there.  Does anyone have any suggestions?