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Re: 981223 snapshot halts after kernel load

Tsubai's hunch was on the mark, and a kernel without the framebuffer
worked on my '3410. (FYI, the machine has a NWB-252 fb.)

Painful discoveries made during the rest of the installation:

* all the /dev files had to be created

The easiest way I found to handle this was to munge .profile (from
NEWSOS) to "(cd /dev; sh MAKEDEV)".  Until this was done, I couldn't
fsck or go single-user on tty0.  Maybe a "/etc/rc.firsttime" ?

* ROM monitor doesn't like NetBSD-created disklabels at all.

Otherwise, everything is now up and running, and I have a nice, happy
NetBSD/newsmips system. :) (Sans running it off a Zip drive..)

Chris Baird,, <cjb%brushtail.apana.org.au@localhost>

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