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Re: Sysmap storange value

Hi! tsutsui-san,

From: Izumi Tsutsui <tsutsui%ceres.dti.ne.jp@localhost>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 22:47:17 +0900

> > I do not think that the value of 'Sysmap' is correct.
> The virtual address of Sysmap has been moved at the end of KVA space
> since yamt-km merge, so the value has been changed completely.
> "Immediately follows `nptpages' of static kernel page table" comments
> should be updated ("allocated at the end of KVA" or so?), though.

Right.  I read, and understood the code of pmap_bootstrap().  My
understanding did not suffice for it.  X-<

However, I am worrying by this PTE and uvm now.  Another mail will be
posted to port-m68k@ after several days. 
# I am porting to evb68k (68K/ColdFire CFV4e) now.  ;-)

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