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looking for NEWS-OS


First mail of 2004 ;-)

I have three NEWS 68k systems (1750, 1850 and 712). To stay on-topic:
I've installed NetBSD 1.6 onto the 1750.

I want to get the 1850 and 712 running as well. As NetBSD does not
support them, I will have to run NEWS-OS. I do have tape and floppy
images of NEWS-OS 4.x for 68k but the 'MTINST' floppy seems to be
corrupt. Also, there's the problem that the NEWFS floppy expects a 268MB
drive and nothing else. I had to binary edit the floppy to get the
kernel to recognise my hard disk and to be able to actually get to a
shell and run disklabel/newfs. Running disklabel also fails (with a / is
full error).

So, the main question is: does anybody on the list know where to get a
working NEWS-OS 68k? Since this is end-of-life and very old, I suppose
it won't be a big problem to give away/get/use these.

Any other pointers are also welcome. I tried fj.sys.news, other than
that there's not much out there that's not Japanese.

Walter Belgers         "Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus
walter%belgers.com@localhost       Latinis alacribus et fructuosis potiri 

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