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[mrbill%mrbill.net@localhost: Free: Sony NEWS workstation (Austin, TX)]


anyone interested?

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From: Bill Bradford <mrbill%mrbill.net@localhost>
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Subject: Free: Sony NEWS workstation (Austin, TX)
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 01:17:17 -0500

I've got a Sony NEWS workstation (keyboard, system unit, and 
external SCSI tape drive) free for pickup in Austin, TX.

Its a NWS-841.  I no longer have the monitor for the unit (has a 3W3
connector on the back; monitor was a GDM-1962B-style), but I do have 
the keyboard (in original box, no mouse) and external tape drive 
(uses a Centronics-style SCSI-I cable).  Has a floppy drive (with yellow
plastic drive protector) and even still has the red "caps" covering some of
the I/O ports in back.  It looks very unused, but its been years since I tried
to power it up; I dont even remember anymore where I got it from.

Best specs I've been able to find on it:


" There was a short blurb about the new Sony workstations in
 INFOWORLD (Feb 1, 1988 page 3, "AT DEADLINE").

 ...Internally called the "Sun Killer," the NWS-841 will sport
 two 16-MHz 68020 microprocessors, a 68881 math coprocessor, 8M of RAM,
 a 286- MB floppy drive, six I/O ports, including an EtherNET
 interface, one rep.  said.  The machine will sell for about $19,900.
 Supported software will include BSD4.2, NFS, and X. "

Anyway, if anybody is interested, let me know.  I'd like to get this
out of the way, but dont want to scrap it.   It just must go to a good


Bill Bradford     
Austin, TX        

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