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1500 new packages for m68k NetBSD


I am proud to say that in the last couple of weeks Bob Nestor and I have
uploaded somewhere around 1500 binary packages for the m68k ports. This is
a result of several months of compiling on his and my machines.

At this point, I'd be interested in hearing about any packages that people
would like to see in binary form, but are either too big to build or have
some problems and will not build properly. Please send requests to me at

Also, I have set up a machine specifically for pkgsrc compiling, and we
will be using Bob's scripts to run this. However, I think it would be a
good idea to add some package management to aid the scripts so that things
can be built more selectively. I am also interested in creating a system
where two machines can work on the same pkgsrc tree at once to speed
things up. If you are interested in helping out, please email me.

John Klos

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