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e big moving van

E_ in trouble, and perhaps you can give us some advice. Please come in." She 
went to the front
door and let in Bunny, Sue and their mother, the two children
wondering what could have happened to the boy next door, for they did not see him, and it seemed the trouble was 
about him. "It won't take long to tell you what has happened," said Mrs. Ward, placing chairs for Mrs. 
Brown and the two children. "Our boy Fred has run away from home!" "Run away from home!" 
exclaimed Mrs. Brown. "Yes, that's
what he's done," said Mr. Ward. "I never thought he'd do such a thing as that, 
even though he is quick
tempered. Yes, Fred has run away," and he turned over and over in his hand a 
slip of paper he had been reading.
"Perhaps he only went off in a sort of joke," said Mrs. Brown sympathetically. "I know once 
Bunny----" "Yep. I ran away, I did!" exclaimed Bunny. "I got away down to the end of the 
street. I saw a
man and a hand organ and he had a monkey. I mean the man
did. And I wanted to be a hand-organ man so I ran away and was

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