Subject: Motorola 8120
To: None <,,>
From: Kevin Ogden <>
List: port-mvmeppc
Date: 03/18/2006 00:31:47
Hey guys, sorry in advance for spamming but I figured someone might  
be interested in this machine.  They're extremely rare and I figured  
some kernel hacker might want to give it a go at porting NetBSD to it  
or something.

	I have a Motorola M8120 MVME machine w/ 64MB of RAM that's just  
sitting idle collecting dust.  It sports a 25mhz 88100 RISC CPU, a  
BUNCH of serial ports, SCSI and ethernet.  It has a really tiny  
shoebox footprint.  If anyone wants it, I'm willing to trade for a  
PDP11, pref. a MicroPDP11, system or a DEC KDJ11-D/S (MicroPDP11/53)  
series QBUS CPU card.  I'll take money too, I just really want a QBUS- 
based PDP11 box.  I figured I'd let you all know before I put it on  
eBay in case someone here is interested.  It'll run OpenBSD or  
Motorola SVR3.  Porting NetBSD probably wouldn't be too bad.  GCC3  
doesn't support m88k though, you'd be stuck with 2.95.

--Kevin D. Ogden