Subject: Re: mk48txx(4) tod clock driver cleanup
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-mvmeppc
Date: 11/02/2003 08:08:24
In article <>
I wrote:

> I'd like to commit the following changes to cleanup
> MI mk48txx(4) tod clock driver:


> I have checked news68k, newsmips, sparc and sparc64 (with mkclock) are
> working and I confirm that all GENERIC kernels using mk48txx compile.
> mvme68k, mvmeppc and prep are not tested (I don't have these machines),
> but all changes are trivial anyway.

If you have any problem (especially on untested machines),
please report via send-pr(1).
Izumi Tsutsui