Subject: Re: install of the last snapshot
To: None <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 01/02/2001 09:24:51
On Mon, 1 Jan 2001, Maxime wrote:

> i'm trying to install the last snapshot on my mvme167.

That would be the ELF one, which I really should officially announce ;-)

> - if i netboot on the ramdisk, i can't mount any nfs partions (network 
> ssh: ifconfig ie0 up
> ssh: mount -t nfs -r /mnt
> mount_nfs: can't get net id for host/nfs: servname not supported for 
> ai_socktype
> ssh:
> what does that mean ?

Have you tried without the `-r' option?

> - if i completly netboot on a kernel and get a working /, /usr from a 
> nfs server, i can't manage to installboot the /dev/rsd0b partition.
> command: mount /dev/sd0b /mnt
> command: /usr/mdec/installboot /mnt/usr/mdec/bootsd /bootxx /dev/rsd0b
> the bootsd and the bootxx file comes from the distribution (/usr/mdec)
> when i boot on it:
> 167-Bug>bo 0,,b:
> Booting from: VME167, Controller 0, Drive 0
> Loading: b:
> Volume: NBSD
> WARNING: Configuration Parameters from CFGA Block Ignored
> IPL loaded at: $003F0000
> Boot: bug device: ctrl=0, dev=0
> bootxx: NetBSD/mvme68k first level bootstrap program [1.2]
> bootxx: secondary bootstrap isn't an executable
> 167-Bug>

That looks like you have an a.out boot block in there somewhere. You can't
bootstrap the ELF snapshot using an older ramdisk/miniroot.

Cheers, Steve