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From: Pierre Munro <>
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Date: 03/01/2000 10:22:35
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P.S.  I received a mail daemon message saying "The specified address co=
ntains a
host or domain name that could not be found by the Domain Name Server o=
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hosts file."  for

It may be our Notes server messin up again but I suggest we look our si=
de to see
what's the problem.


Pierre Munro
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Pierre Munro
03/01/2000 09:18 AM

Pour :    Michael Richardson <> @ VDT
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I finally got the power cord for the AV 9500+ so if everything goes as =
I should be able to fire it up on friday March 10 (I still have to conn=
ect a new
250V 20A circuit/breaker in the panel).

Here's a quicklist of what I have:
-memory        512MB
-Disks              one 1 GB Conner 1080E (
-CPUs               8 Motorola 88k series (gotta investigate which ones=
-Lan controllers (2)     Must be ethernet, I'll use a transceiver since=
-Power              I'm so glad I found the power cord !

Here's what's missing:
-OS            I definitely need to get a hand on DG/UX  for M88k Aviio=
-Fan Modules        DG in Montreal wants to sell these to me 700can$ ea=
. and
theres 2 of 'em..  I'll try to use some 4" 12V ball                    =
fan and find a way to bypass the temp and rpm monitoring on these
-Books and Guides   Don't have any of these yet.  I got that big comput=
er but I
ain't sure if once its fired I'll be able to do something              =
with it.
I've an experience with FreeBSD ans Solaris so it'll probably help.

If you guys have any ideas or comment on how to do anything with this c=
(or is it a washing machine ??) ,please, send them to me.

FYI, I live in St-Hubert, 15 minutes from Montreal (QC), in Canada.  I =
work in
Montreal, but the Aviion is at my place for now.  I'll move in Montreal=
 July 1st
and the Aviion will too.

Thanks for any help,


Michael Richardson <> on 02/09/2000 11:46:44 =

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  Cool... where are you located?

  Montreal? Quebec?

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