Subject: Re: Chalk up one more mvme147 system
To: None <>
From: Eddie Burwell <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 06/05/1999 15:16:47
> Which DSP boards are these? (Just curious; I work for a DSP board
company myself :-)

  Burr-Brown ZPB3201/ZPB3202. Single and dual WE DSP32 @25MHz with 64K per
dsp. Not exactly high perf by todays standards but it's a place to start.
For some unknown reason I've wanted to setup a VME system to expirement
with. I've worked with 8 bit micros for a while now and modular rugged
systems with a real OS seems like the next step.

  Who is the DSP board company for whom you work?  

Eddie Burwell