Subject: mvme68k 4 meg bring up problem
To: None <port-mvme68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kristen A. McIntyre <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 06/06/1998 21:37:21
	I've been trying to get the mvme68k port running on a mvme147-011
board with only 4 megs.  I've only had partial success and I'm writing to
the list to see if anyone has encountered this problem or knows the
solution.  I was able to boot from tape and dd the miniroot to the swap
partition, but that is where the fun stops, unfortunately.  The problem,
I'm guessing is that this has not been tested on a 4 meg board in some time
and the bootstrap no longer fits within that space due to the place that it
is loaded (0x3f0000).  Look closely at the following transcript of the last
part of the install from the netbsd-rd kernel.  You'll see that the disk
bootstrap fails with a reference to location 0x400000 which is the first
invalid address past 4 megs.  Disassembling around the exception reveals
that it seems to be in a dbra loop clearing some area of memory which
extends beyond the 4 meg boundary.  Note that the miniroot filesystem on
/dev/sd0b looks to be sane.  Since I don't have anything working at this
point I can't make changes so I'm dead in the water.

	Perhaps I did something wrong.  I'm not sure.  I was attempting to
follow the instructions exactly and I think I did that faithfully.  I have
a fair amount of experience bringing UN*X up from scratch and am usually
pretty careful.  Any light anyone would be willing to shed on this would be
much appreciated.  I really need to get this working (don't ask why ;).
Thanks in advance.

Transcript of bring up starting from just after dd-ing the miniroot:

ssh: mount /dev/sd0b /mnt
ssh: installboot /mnt/usr/mdec/bootsd /bootxx /dev/rsd0b
ssh: umount /dev/sd0b
ssh: halt
 signal 15
ssh: syncing disks... done
unmounting / (root_device)...

Reset Local SCSI Bus [Y,N] N? y
Automatic reset of known SCSI Buses on RESET [Y,N] = Y? y
Cold/Warm Reset flag [C,W] = C?
Execute Soft Reset [Y,N] N? y

Copyright Motorola Inc. 1988 - 1997 All Rights Reserved

MVME147 Monitor/Debugger Release 2.44 - 8/7/97
CPU running at 25 MHz

FPC  passed test
MMU  passed test

COLD Start

Onboard  RAM start = $00000000,  stop = $003FFFFF

147-Bug>bo 0,,b:

RAM address from VMEbus = $00000000

Booting from: VME147, Controller 0, Device 0
Loading File: b:

Volume: NBSD

IPL loaded at:  $003F0000

VMEbus Bus Error

Exception: Long Bus Error
SSW=0715 Fault Addr.=00400000 Data In=00010020 Data Out=003F070C
PC   =003F070A SR   =2704=TR:OFF_S._7_..Z..  VBR  =00000000
USP  =00005830 MSP  =00005C18 ISP* =003EFF6C SFC  =0=F0
CACR =0=D:...._I:...          CAAR =00000000 DFC  =0=F0
D0   =00000BEA D1   =FFFFFFFF D2   =000021FC D3   =003F0000
D4   =49504C2C D5   =00000000 D6   =00000000 D7   =00000000
A0   =00400001 A1   =003F0008 A2   =000016E0 A3   =00000000
A4   =00000000 A5   =00001540 A6   =003EFFC8 A7   =003EFF6C
003F070A 51C8FFFC           DBF.W       D0,$3F0708


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