Subject: Re: losing nvram
To: Jason Thorpe <thorpej@OG.ORG>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 01/04/1998 14:52:51
On Sat, 3 Jan 1998, Jason Thorpe wrote:

> *** WARNING *** Unreliable R/W to NVRAM; now using defaults from ROM

Hmm, doesn't look promising. You'd normally see a message indicating a low
or dead NVRAM battery. What you've got might indicate broken NVRAM.

>From the 147Bug prompt, type:

	147Bug> sd
	147Bug> rtc

to test the NVRAM chip and its clock. If that fails, it's time for a new
chip. If it passes, you need to reset it to defaults by pressing and
holding the ABORT switch then hitting RESET. Release ABORT after a few

Use the 'lsad' command to re-enter the ethernet address, and 'set' to
configure the date and time. If you've got scsi devices, you should also
do 'iot;t' to scan for them. Answer 'y' to the question on assigning scsi
ids to luns.

> This _used_ to work, but it's been powered off for a while... sigh.

You can put the NVRAM into powersave mode with the 147Bug command 'ps'
just before powering down. This stops the clock oscillator (saving the
NVRAM's battery) but preserves the RAM contents. On power-up, use the
'set' command to restart the clock.

Cheers, Steve