Subject: Jealousy
To: None <>
From: Collin Baillie <>
List: port-mipsco
Date: 06/08/2001 11:16:40
Hi guys,

Just thought I'd drop a quick note to say I'm jealous you have the chance to
be working on this stuff. I signed up late last year because I found a
MIPSCO (RS3260) machine at a nearby TAFE college.

Unfortunately, the TAFE wouldn't just sell it off, but they said they may
donate it to a non-profit. So I spoke to my computer club Pres and he said
he'd approach them. 6 months later, nothing has been done, and I've moved
from Townsville in North Queensland, Australia, to Sydney.

So who knows maybe I will find something down here. I dunno. I'd like to get
in on the act.

I think that one of the reasons is that there is a DEC collector who is
friends with the Pres and he is basically of the mind that the RS3260
wouldn't be worth the effort. *sigh* I thought it would have been a good
club project if nothing else, but then they are mainly a bunch of M$
bunnies. Oh well. It's still sitting in storage to my knowledge. Collecting

Collin Baillie