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Re: Newbie

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 10:33:23 +0900, Munehiro Matsuda wrote:

>  Hello all,
>  I'm also new to the list. :-)
>  Yes, RC3260 is a valid model number.
>  No, it cannot run WindowsNT on it. only RISC/os. (NetBSD in the future?

Thanks Munehiro. You're a very resourceful person. :)

Looks like the college can't sell it to the public. It has to go through an
auction. However they are permitted to donate it to charitable or non-profit
organisations. So I might get my computer club at Uni to write a letter to
them and apply for a donation. :) Might make this a group porting effort if
I can rally the jaded windows users to take an interest :)

If the hard disk *is* dead on this, I assume I can stick a normal scsi disk
in it and it will work. If it's not the disk does anyone have access to a
replacement controller/interface card? I'm wondering if it would be the disk
though. The teacher said it was his 'opinion' that the hard disk needed to
be replaced. Could replacing a hard disk and reinstalling RISC/OS possibly
cost $14,000? 

Anyway, I spoke to the assets manager today, and I just have to get that
letter of to the college and we might have ourselves a nice machine to work
on. I wonder what the value of the system is these days. They paid $148,000
for it originally, and $24,000 / year thereafter for maintenance.
Wish me luck.

Collin Baillie
treeman__%excite.com@localhost      TreeMan on OzOrg IRC Network

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