Subject: Newbie
To: None <>
From: Collin Baillie <>
List: port-mipsco
Date: 10/28/2000 22:32:02
Hello people,

I'm looking at getting on 'old' server from a TAFE college in my town. They
have a mips RC3260 sitting in their storage room. 

They still have all the RISC/OS manuals sitting on the shelves. Apparently
they think the hard disk is dead, and they've been quoted $14,000
(Australian) to fix it. They were paying $24,000 / year service fees and
only received 3 visits in 8 years, and yet they were going to be charged an
additional $14,000! unfortunately it looks as though with new Government
rules on purchasing and disposal policy they can't simply give it awa. So I
have to offer some money. they may even have to send it to the auctions.. :(

The contract was with a company in a major capital city (about 2 days drive
from here) and they have all the install disks etc. 

So they have an RC3260 sitting in storage with a dead disk and no OS
installation disks. They have a heap of terminals sitting in storage with it
as well. How much is it worth to me? And is it worth me getting it and
looking at joining in the port-mipsco effort? Does the mipsco port work on
an RC3260? Where can I find info on the hardware in the RC3260?

I'm a 2nd year Computer Science undergrad student, and being involved in
something like this is pretty damn appealing.

Looking forward to any replies. :)

Collin Baillie
--      TreeMan on OzOrg IRC Network

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