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majors.cobalt "lcdpanel"' botch: how to fix MAKEDEV?

[apologies for HTML, I cannot find a cleartext button]

NetBSD-9_STABLE as of two weeks ago today, has a bug in src/sys/arch/cobalt/conf/majors.cobalt (see attachment)

But even after applying that, "make MAKEDEV" in src/etc produces a MAKEDEV with a bug:

        makedev lcdpanel
        mkdev lcdpanel0 c %lcdpanel_chr% 0 660

Its been a long time since I did this.  How do I fix the '%lcdpanel_chr%' in the generated MAKEDEV?   Even if it's fixed in 9_STABLE I'd appreciate a reminder of what to do.

thanks in advance
-Jonathan Stone

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