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Re: loongson2f deadlocks fix

I know it doesn't seem to make sense, but after these changes were
committed to -current and for the short period that evbmips-mips64el
was still buildable, my Lemote YeeLoong would freeze upon going multiuser.

If operating semi-diskless, there might be one line of output from the
first of the 'rc' scripts to run and then it would be frozen.

If booting from disk (w/root on SD card), it might get as far as starting
'sshd' and then freeze.

I then backed up to netbsd-8 and it works well.  Admittedly, lately I
don't get to try much more than boot it, update sets and run 'etcupdate'.

Now I see a pullup request for these changes to netbsd-8.

Unfortunately, -current evbmips-mip64el hasn't been buildable for some
time since changes to "libm" broke it and then the fix for that was
either incomplete or broke something else.  Otherwise I'd try again
and hope to find what makes my Yeeloong unhappy.  Ideally, before the
pullups to 8 make it a paperweight.

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