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pkgsrc inconsistencies on MIPS ports?

Building "x11/xautolock" produces some curious output on my Lemote
YeeLoong (evbmips-mips64el).

Notably, during the configure phase, there are messages that some
expected symbols and endianness are not defined.

It also appears that CFLAGS additions are not honored as the assembler
emits the "softfloat" warnings in spite of the workaround in PR

The package completes building, however.

As its short, the entire transcript is as follows:

===> Configuring for xautolock-1.15nb3
imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/pkg/lib/X11/config
imake: executing: /usr/pkg/bin/tradcpp -I. -traditional -debuglog .imake.cpplog -D__evbmips__ -DUseInstalled -I/usr/pkg/lib/X11/config .imake.start.c
make Makefiles
make includes
make depend
rm -f .depend
makedepend -f-  --   -I/usr/pkg/include -I /usr/X11R7/include   -DCSRG_BASED  -DFUNCPROTO=15 -DNARROWPROTO    -DHasVoidSignalReturn -DHasVFork             -DHasScreenSaver  -DUSE_MAKEDEPEND -- xautolock.c > .depend
makedepend: warning:  xautolock.c (reading /usr/include/machine/endian_machdep.h), line 8: #error neither __MIPSEL__ nor __MIPSEB__ are defined.
makedepend: warning:  xautolock.c (reading /usr/include/mips/endian_machdep.h), line 29: # error  Define MIPS target CPU endian-ness in port-specific header file.
makedepend: warning:  xautolock.c (reading /usr/include/mips/mcontext.h), line 186: #error O64 is not supported
makedepend: warning:  xautolock.c (reading /usr/include/mips/mips_param.h), line 52: #error neither __MIPSEL__ nor __MIPSEB__ are defined.
===> Building for xautolock-1.15nb3
--- xautolock.o ---
--- xautolock._man ---
--- xautolock.o ---
gcc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing      -I/usr/pkg/include -I /usr/X11R7/include   -DCSRG_BASED  -DFUNCPROTO=15 -DNARROWPROTO    -DHasVoidSignalReturn -DHasVFork                -DHasScreenSaver  -I/usr/pkg/include -I/usr/X11R7/include -c xautolock.c
--- xautolock._man ---
rm -f xautolock._man
if test -z "" ; then  cd `dirname xautolock` &&  ln -s `basename xautolock.man` `basename xautolock._man`;  else  cpp -undef -traditional  -D__apploaddir__=/usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults -D__appmansuffix__=1 -D__filemansuffix__=5 -D__libmansuffix__=3 -D__miscmansuffix__=7 -D__drivermansuffix__=4 -D__adminmansuffix__=8 -D__projectroot__=/usr/pkg -D__xconfigfile__=xorg.conf -D__xconfigdir__=/usr/pkg/lib/X11 -D__xlogfile__=Xorg -D__xservername__=Xorg -D__xorgversion__="\"`echo 7 7 0 | sed -e 's/ /./g' -e 's/^/Version\\\ /'`\" \"X Version 11\"" -D__vendorversion__="`echo 7 7 0 | sed -e 's/ /./g' -e 's/^/Version\\\ /'` X.Org"   < xautolock.man | sed -e '/^#  *[0-9][0-9]*  *.*$/d'                      -e '/^#line  *[0-9][0-9]*  *.*$/d'                      -e '/^[         ]*XCOMM$/s/XCOMM/#/'                    -e '/^[         ]*XCOMM[^a-zA-Z0-9_]/s/XCOMM/#/'                        -e '/^[         ]*XHASH/s/XHASH/#/'                     -e '/\@\@$/s/\@\@$/\\/' >xautolock._man;  fi
--- xautolock.o ---
/tmp/ccIwDOaA.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccIwDOaA.s: Warning: .gnu_attribute 4,3 requires `softfloat'
--- xautolock ---
rm -f xautolock
gcc -o xautolock -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing      -L/usr/pkg/lib   xautolock.o -lXss -lXext -lX11      -Wl,-rpath,/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/X11R7/lib -L /usr/X11R7/lib
===> Installing for xautolock-1.15nb3
WARNING: Your umask is ``0002''.
WARNING: If this is not desired, set it to an appropriate value (0022) and install
WARNING: this package again by ``/usr/bin/make deinstall reinstall''.
+ mkdir -p /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/xautolock/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin
install -c   xautolock /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/xautolock/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/xautolock
install in . done
+ mkdir -p /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/xautolock/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/man/man1
install -c -m 0444 xautolock._man /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/xautolock/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/man/man1/xautolock.1
install.man in . done
=> Automatic manual page handling
=> Creating binary package /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/xautolock/work/.packages/xautolock-1.15nb3.tgz
===> Building binary package for xautolock-1.15nb3
=> Creating binary package /d0/build/current/packages//All/xautolock-1.15nb3.tgz

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