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NetBSD on MIPS is definitely broken


Now that I've had the time to test NetBSD-current on both Cobalt and hpcmips hardware, I'd like to report that NetBSD on MIPS is broken. It may work on newer / different hardware, but in both instances NetBSD-5 runs fine and the hardware is known to be good with months of reliable uptime, but NetBSD-6 and NetBSD-current are broken.

What happens is after a bit of uptime - anywhere from a few minutes to tens of minutes - tasks start failing saying they're unable to allocate memory, disk access reports unreadable or corrupt data and the systems generally become unusable. What's interesting is that the underlying filesystems don't show any problems on reboot, nor are files on the disk actually corrupt.

This has been reported many times over in the last couple of years, but I suppose nobody's had time to really get into it. So before I do, I'd like to ask if anyone is running any MIPS hardware with NetBSD-6 or -current without problems. If so, what are you running?

John Klos

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