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Re: Issue: Trap due to TLB miss (store) in user mode (init process)

Thanks for the reply.

However, this trap issue is observed only on the 6.99 (current) release.
Kindly check wherther there is any issue in  current release.

This panic issue is NOT observed in 6.1 final release. Instead we observed
device boot up struck up while booting kernel image with file system.
With the below modification in console (com.c), the Netbsd ub kernel get
booted and shell prompt is displayed.
In 6.1 release, the "Divisor Latch Access Bit" or DLAB is set to high (1)
for console type COM_TYPE_NORMAL. As per 8250 UART, this bit is set to low
(0) in com_loadchannelregs() API.

This change booted the kernel till shell prompt.


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