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Flash procedure for Atheros AR934x board in neBSD

We are new to netBSD platform. We were able to cross compile for MIPs
architecture in netBSD 6.1 successfully. We could observe the below images
created by the build.
 1. netbsd
 2. netbsd.bin
 3. netbsd.bin.gz
 4. netbsd.gdb
 5. netbsd.map
 6. netbsd.ub

We are unable to find complete procedure to download the netBSD images on
Atheros hardware. 
Please help us to get the procedure to download netBSD images using BDI
(with TFTP). 
In addition to the same, please help us to identify bootloader support for
Atheros hardware in NetBSD source.

Hardware details:
Atheros AR934x board
MIPs 74Kc processor


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