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Status of NetBSD on MIPS? And NetBSD on TP-Link?


I'm curious if the bugs in NetBSD 6 which cause system instability have been corrected, perhaps in current, yet.

I'm also curious if anyone's looked into getting NetBSD onto these wonderful little $25 TP-Link devices:


These have a 400 MHz MIPS, are USB powered with a USB port, have 100 Mbps ethernet and anywhere from 8 to 32 megs of memory. Loading a new firmware image is as easy as using the web management interface. Of course it'd be fun to get a full kernel and running OS into 2 megs of flash and 8 megs of ram, which is something NetBSD can do but I don't think GNU/Linux can do anymore.

Of course you can wire a serial port, too:



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