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Re: Recommendations for small NetBSD network box

> > Requirements are pretty simple:
> > - At least two Ethernet interfaces (100base fine)
> > - Enough RAM to to run NAT (probably pf), and IPSEC or OpenVPN
> > (fortunately not both) for up to about 50 web (or weblike) clients &
> > sshd
> > - Small (sub mini-itx), and cased (looks like a product)
> > - USB port to plug in a 3G dongle would be nice.
> Some of these:
> http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Fuloong
> have two ethernet ports

No! None of them have two ethernet ports. That box has 1 gigabit ethernet

> memory & CPU should be more than enough,  

Yes, 512M RAM and 800MHz MIPS III (64 bit) CPU.

> there's a bunch of USB ports

Yes, 4

> and NetBSD support has been added a few months ago.

Really? Can somebody point me to it please?

> It will likely produce more heat than a comparable ARM box  

No, it runs 10-15W total for the board under load, it generates no
perceptible heat and there is a case fan.

> but it's still small

about the size of a paperback book

> and it's not too bad once someone with access to  
> the hardware adds support for CPU clock scaling ( what I added is  
> Gdium-specific but adapting it to this machine should be trivial - all  
> you need is an external 100Hz timer interrupt )

Frequency scaling on these is a waste of time and effort. They run cool even
under load and consume next to no power, what's the point?

> have fun


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