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Re: RB153 evbmips kernel won't load on RouterBoard 532

On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 11:53:06PM +0200, Marcin M. Jessa wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I'm trying to boot evbarm kernel for RouterBoard 532 but the loader does
> not accept either the ELF nor the srec kernels.

The RouterBOARD 153 uses a MIPS SoC by Infineon.  The RouterBOARD 532
uses a MIPS SoC by IDT.  I think that even if the kernel for the 153
runs on the 532, it will be missing support for several important
integrated peripherals.


David Young             OJC Technologies
dyoung%ojctech.com@localhost      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933

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