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Re: MIPS Alchemy machine don't boot

> > I think we should have explicit type / size macros for "move" too, like
> > PTR_MOVE, REG_MOVE, ..., to tell assembler the actual size of operand of
> > "move".  It's size of pointer (curlwp) for the lock_stubs.S case.
> My first thought is "please, no".  "move" is a gas macro and if we're
> in the wrong ABI in the assembler then "move" is likely to be not the
> only problem.

Then we'll have more explicit sized macros.

I also think that any use of .set <arch> should have a descriptive reason.
The .set mips3 in lock_stubs.S:mutex_enter is probably for LL/SC.  I prefer
LL/SC to be enclosed something like LLSC_PROLOGUE / LLSC_EPILOGUE (like
REG_PROLOGUE / REG_EPILOGUE) and let .set mips3 at the top of the file go


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