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Re: recent mips updates causes asc0 problems on pmax port

2009/8/11 Matt Thomas <matt%3am-software.com@localhost>:
> On Aug 10, 2009, at 10:59 PM, Erik Bertelsen wrote:
>> Deal all mips/pmax people:
>> When booting a pmax kernel on a DECStation 5000 with a kernel built
>> from sources current as of yesterday, I see several messages
>> apparently indicating SCSI or disk problems:
> Can you narrow which change the problems started at?  Nothing I've changed
> should have affected that at all since all my changes were to MIPS3 code and
> the MIPS1 code was untouched.

Not easily -- the machine has spent its time running build.sh from the
date of the last sucessfull kernel (July 12th) with a couple of
restarts of the build until august 8th. Normally I turn it off after a
build cycle, but noticing the recent bunch of mips updates, I decided
to give it another turn the the result mentioned...

I can probably restore my machine into working order by doing a
cross-build on another machine and then recreating /usr/bin and
whatever else has been lost.
At that stage I can try patches suggested by and/or rebuilding a debug kernel.

For reference I enclose my kernel configuration file:

#       $Id: SOCKDEV,v 1.20 2009/01/30 17:03:08 ebe Exp $
include         "arch/pmax/conf/std.pmax"
#include                "arch/pmax/conf/files.pmax_rcons"

options         COMPAT_40
options         COMPAT_50

maxusers        32

options         MIPS1                   # R2000/R3000 support
options         DEC_3MIN                # kn02ba: 5000/1xx (3min) support


# Filesystem options
file-system     FFS             # fast filesystem with user and group quotas
file-system     NFS

# Networking options
options         INET            # Internet protocols

# pmax specific
options         HZ=256          # RTC rate required

config          netbsd root on ? type ?

mainbus0 at root
cpu* at mainbus0

# TURBOchannel bus support
tc*   at      mainbus0

# 3MIN, 3MAX+ and MAXINE have IOASIC in system slot
ioasic0       at      tc?
mcclock0 at   ioasic? offset ?        # DS1287 RTC
asc*  at      ioasic? offset ?        # NCR53C94 SCSI with IOASIC
le0   at      ioasic? offset ?        # LANCE
zsc0    at      ioasic? offset 0x100000 # Z85C30
zsc1    at      ioasic? offset 0x180000 # Z85C30

zstty*  at      zsc? channel ?          # serial ports on B/A channels
lkkbd*  at      zsc1 channel ?          # keyboard port on A channels
vsms*   at      zsc0 channel ?          # mouse port on A channels

# Workstation console

wskbd*          at      lkkbd? console ?
wsmouse*        at      vsms?

scsibus*        at asc?
sd*     at scsibus? target ? lun ?      # SCSI disks
cd*     at scsibus? target ? lun ?      # SCSI CD-ROMs

pseudo-device   pty
pseudo-device   loop
pseudo-device   rnd


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