Subject: Newbie - install questions
To: None <>
From: UnterGeek <>
List: port-mips
Date: 04/22/2007 18:29:59
Hey everyone,
       I'm installing NetBSD onto a Pencentra 130. Installation is fine, and
now I'm running with internet access (wired ethernet). But I'm headless - I
installed via a serial connection and don't know how to get the machine to
boot up using its own screen. Further, the Pencentra's keyboard isn't
compatible, and I imagine the touchscreen is useless too, but I am hoping a
USB keyboard can be used. The kernel recognizes it when it's plugged in,
labeling it wskbd2, but doesn't use it.

   So - how can I wean myself off the serial connection, start using my USB
keyboard, and have the screen do something (now it just shows one line at
the top showing it's terminal-connected - all output is seen on my mainframe
terminal via serial). What is the name of the terminal/screen/display on the
Pencentra itself?

    I'm using psdboot to start. I've tried the option -a wd0a (and wd0f, and
wd0, and wd1a, etc.) but always end end with a 'curlwp' message and a "db"
prompt. Typing <continue> at this prompt continues the boot and all is fine.

    I have wscons configured in rc.conf as "YES". 

   Any scolding, help, pointers vastly appreciated...


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