Subject: Re: problem in try..throw..catch related C++ test scenarios on MIPS arch with Netbsd 3.0
To: Nida M <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-mips
Date: 03/08/2007 22:12:10
"Nida M" wrote:

> I am trying to execute c++ testcase, which is using
> {try..throw..catch} exception mechanism in MIPS arch. but when
> exception has been thrown, it has not been caught by {catch} block and
> giving Abort .(SIGABRT)
> I need help to debug this problem.
> I think problem is with respect to (netbsd 3.0/rtld) dynamic linker,
> becose with statically link binary below program ( is working
> fine, but with shared link binary it is giving SIGABRT.
> Any problem in {try..throw..catch} related scenarios on MIPS arch with
> Netbsd 3.0 ??

Unfortunately, I know no c++, but I can confirm that I see the same
problem on a sbmips NetBSD 3.0 box with gcc 3.3.3, but that a -current
sbmips (NetBSD 4.99.13) with gcc 4.1.2 that same test program works OK.

Also, an i386 NetBSD 3.0 with same gcc (3.3.3) fails the same way too,
so it would appear to be a general c++ issue with gcc 3.3.3, rather than
a MIPS issue.