Subject: 64bit divide
To: , <>
From: JP Foster <>
List: port-mips
Date: 07/06/2006 13:52:46
Hello all,
I'm porting a VR4120A based micro to netbsd.
I've got the initial setup done, console, cache etc

But the 64bit divide isn't working right.=20
This is most noticable in printf("%d\n",345);

The remainder is OK, but not the quotient.

I've based this port on hpcmips which has the right
family of processors but is running big endian, which
none of those ports are for.

The div_d routine is in arch/mips/mips though so I would
not have thought endian had anything to do with it.

Anyone got any experience with this function, point me as
were it could be going wrong?