Subject: Re: Qube 2, NetBSD, PF
To: Claudio Leiva S <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-mips
Date: 07/03/2006 18:08:11
Claudio Leiva S wrote:
> Hi:
> I have the idea to transform my Qube (already working as File, Web, FTP
> server) into a router/firewall using PF and the 2 Nic's the Qube have build
> in but I'am in the need for some guideness, where I can find some
> information about a project like this??.
> Any help is welcome, Thanks
> Claudio
> (Powered By NetBSD for Cobalt)

There is detailed howto here "" 
on the net. Also IP filter has very detailed documentation.

I used to do this with my qube but found that at the end it is not worth 
the trouble, IMHO. You have to actively maintain it, upgrade OS, edit 
rules and such. Takes too much time.
If this is for your home you may be better off with some simple 
firewall/router that you can buy for $30 or so.