Subject: Renaming constants in regnum.h and mcontext.h?
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-mips
Date: 11/25/2003 13:12:32

the newish regression test for name space pollution,
regress/include/okheaders/ currently trips up the release build all
the MIPS-based ports.

The reason is that mips/regnum.h gets included via the chain
sys/ptrace.h -> machine/ptrace.h -> mips/ptrace.h -> machine/regnum.h
-> mips/regnum.h.  The header file mips/regnum.h defines a constant,
PC, which termcap.h wants to use when declaring a global variable.

It ought to be possible to combine <termcap.h> and <sys/ptrace.h>.

My local build tree has some diffs which tackle this by hiding the
constants from mips/regnum.h from the user's name space, and which
renames the constants in mips/mcontext.h.  The diffs do basically the

 o mips/mcontext.h: rename _REG_xxx to _MC_REG_xxx (mostly to make
   room for the subsequent rename in regnum.h)

 o mips/regnum.h: add _REG_ prefix to the register names, and move

The diffs also clean up all the uses of these constants in the tree,
and I have completed release builds for all the MIPS-based ports with
these diffs.

Can anyone think of a good reason I should not go ahead and commit
this set of changes?


- H=E5vard