Subject: Porting to RTL8181
To: None <>
From: Jason Hecker <>
List: port-mips
Date: 11/25/2003 17:50:19

I am new to NetBSD and have come across a new and cheap access point which
has a complete MIPS R3000 based SoC part on it.  Internally it has a PCI
bus, two RTL8139 10/100 ethernet MACs, an 801.11b MAC and externall 2MB of
FLASH and 8MB of SDRAM.  All that needs to be written for it as far as
NetBSD goes is the 802.11b MAC driver.  It runs Linux out of the box and
the OEM has released the Linux source code for everything bar crucial
driver stuff (like the 802.11b MAC).  It seems to me to be a great little
platform for hacking NetBSD - at AUD$99 it's a steal.

I have been trying to build NetBSD current using evbmips-eb on my Redhat
Fedora Linux machine.  The tools build fine but the cross compiled
development build fails.  I have yet to try building a kernel.

A few questions:

Is it better to try to get current working on it or 1.6.0/1?

Is writing a driver for the 802.11b MAC tricky?

All known hacking info can be found on this wiki, including data sheets
(unfortunately the JTAG BSDL file is yet to emerge from Realtek) on

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