Subject: The header -- mandatory or optional?
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-mips
Date: 11/12/2003 09:50:38

for a while now the build of NetBSD on the MIPS ports has been
broken.  The trigger is regress/include/symbolcheck.c, which
seems to assert that <frame.h> is a mandatory header file.

 o sys/arch/Makefile installs a symlink from /usr/include/frame.h to

 o sys/arch/mips/include/Makefile does not install frame.h.

 o sys/arch/Makefile does however install a symlink from
   /usr/include/machine to /usr/include/${MACHINE}, which for
   e.g. the algor port ends up being /usr/include/algor.

 o sys/arch/algor/include/Makefile does not have a frame.h
   header, and does not install it.

Therefore, /usr/include/frame.h ends up pointing into thin air on the
MIPS ports, and this makes "make depend" in regress/symbolcheck/ fall
on it's face.

I wonder what the correct fix for this problem might be.  E.g. is
the <frame.h> header mandatory?  (I've heard some private comments
indicating that it should possibly not be mandatory.)


- H=E5vard