Subject: Re: Snapshot 20030927 available
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-mips
Date: 10/05/2003 00:26:09
Hi, Chris,

Today I've set up my O2 to install NetBSD from -current source tree
and your patch. (and it turned out my O2 had R5000, not R10000. Duh.)
Now my O2 is working pretty fine, so I'd like to continue integrating
your patch into -current.

In article <> wrote:

> Here's how I would prioritize the patches:
> (things that can be committed now without breaking other platforms)
> * arch/sgimips (in toto) and the cosmetic arch/mips,

Cosmetic arch/mips part has been committed, and I've also cleaned up
sgimips stuff. Current patch is here:

It seems PCI I/O space access has some problem, but I have not
tracked it yet. Actually bus_space(9) ops for sgimips should
be reorganized more, but it will be the next project.

This patch does not contain the following changes:
- IP28 mach_type addtions (I can't confirm it)
- diffs for if_mecreg.h and macaureg.h (no actual drivers exist yet)
(BTW, Chris, could you send me your if_mec.c source?)

> (things that need review)
> * ahc_pci

Fixes for ahc_pci still requires review. Chris, would you please
file a PR about this?

> (things that must be maintained as a separate patch until they look pretty)
> * arch/mips cache/pmap hacks for r5ksc

At least, I've confirmed pmap.c actually requires some additional
cache flush for R5000 with L2cache. Currently pmap_zero_page() and
pmap_copy_page() have some additional cache flush ops for no L2 cache
machines, but it seems r5ksc also requires these ops otherwise
kernel falls into ddb around scsibus thread.

Changes currently I'm using is here (for reference, will not be committed):

Any suggestion/fixes are appreciated, too.
Izumi Tsutsui