Subject: Re: Toshiba MIPS ports
To: Keith Siders <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-mips
Date: 02/14/2002 15:06:53
"Keith Siders" wrote:

> I have a Toshiba evaluation board with a working version of PMON and
> ethernet, among other things, running on a TX49H2 core. If I can talk my
> boss into allowing me to cart one of these EVB's home (probably next month
> before it will be available), can I get enough help from this list to get
> NetBSD going on it? I figure that the TX3922/3912 assembly boot code are
> probably close enough to get the thing to basically boot, but I need the
> tools, etc., to cross-compile from the PC.

The TX49H2 core appears to be MIPS-III instead of MIPS-I like the TX39xx
series.  Does it have the "slightly different to other MIPS style"
coprocessor 0 registers that the TX39's had or is it more similar to
other MIPS-III style CPUs?

We also support cross-compiling with recent tools.  I'm not sure if
hosting on non-NetBSD hosts is fully working yet, but certainly you
can cross compile just about anything from a PC running NetBSD/i386.

> I'll need some guidance on porting Linux drivers to NetBSD as well.

What's the full list of drivers you need?  With NetBSD, you can pretty
much use any existing driver regardless of what port/machine the driver
was originally written on.

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