Subject: Re: more magnum tests...
To: Mark Abene <>
From: Warner Losh <>
List: port-mips
Date: 02/10/2001 22:37:23
In message <> Mark Abene writes:
: I'll recheck the L2 cache code in locore_mips3.S, since I had to make changes
: there to allow for the Magnum SC's 16-byte line size.  You mention there was
: a driver you had to kludge... which driver was it?

bt.  The kludge was to "bounce" the buffers through.

: I'd be hesitant to think the cross/mipsel toolchain is at fault, since plenty
: of other people are using it on this list, and the pica and olivetti people
: seem perfectly fine at last check (though the pica code doesn't use the L2
: cache, and the olivetti doesn't have one).
: I still find it suspicious that I panic with "TLB out of universe" if I try
: disabling the L2 cache code.  The panic happens when init is about to start.

I've seen the TLB out of universe as well when I cross built
NetBSD/hpcmips, but very irregularly.  I'v not seen that since I
started building native.