Subject: Re: NVRAM setup procedure (was: Magnum kernel on Bull DPX/ProStatiton)
To: Wayne Knowles <>
From: Chris Collins <>
List: port-mips
Date: 07/30/2000 19:53:59
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To: Chris Collins <>
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Subject: NVRAM setup procedure (was: Magnum kernel on Bull DPX/ProStatiton)

> On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Chris Collins wrote:
> > It appears my RC3230 is the same :(
> >
> > To make matters worse, I have no way of actually booting my RC3230 as
> > disks in the system appear to have either been corrupted or erased, and
> > have no RISCOS tapes. [The machine was a gift from an ex-hacker who got
> > through unknown means].  This prevents me from actually using the
> > Anybody willing to send me a QIC150 cartridge with an appropriate
> > image, and basic install instructructions, would be greatly appreciated
> > this point :)
> Chris,
> I am thinking about making a "miniroot" which includes a sash
> compatible disk partition.  All you need to do is put a hard disk on
> another UNIX machine and "dd" the contents to it.  The procedure should
> also work for a CDROM.

This sounds very conveniant.  Especially if you could include appropriate
bootblocks, etc.

>>> If you have access to anything that takes a 6116 then you will hopefully
>>> be able to reprogram it on that machine.   I would like to see the
>>> datasheet first to ensure it is in fact able to be done that way.
>> Do any of the Sparcs use this nvram chip?  I fortunately have access to a
>> large number of SparcStations.
> Yes they do.  Thanks to Tohru Nishimura for pointing out that Suns use the
> same nvram chip.  There is tons of information concerning this in the Sun
> community.
> The NetBSD FAQ at describes the
> problem and points you to a useful FAQ on the subject at:
> Given that I have a number of IPX's that are surplus to requirments I
> decided to reprogram a MK48T02 and use it in my Mips 3230 machine.
> The procedure I used is as follows (from a serial console):
> 1. Boot Sun IPX and send a <BREAK> character to interrupt boot sequence
[Procedure snipped]
> This procedure will no doubt become a FAQ item, so I suggest you give
> feedback about any differences in the above procedure (ie. it might be
> slightly different for other sun machines)

Used it as listed [changing the HW address of course] on a semi-dead SS1 I
had here [It appears to have a fried DMA controller, but the PROM still
works properly], and the procedure worked.  I was able to netboot the little
bugger at long last :)

All I need to do now is replace the dead disk [which is why I haven't been
able to boot it :/], build the newsmips root on a big endian netbsd box...

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