Subject: Re: Magnum kernel on Bull DPX/ProStatiton
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From: Chris Collins <>
List: port-mips
Date: 07/30/2000 01:35:53
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Subject: Re: Magnum kernel on Bull DPX/ProStatiton

>>   The NVRAM M48T02 in my machine was dead, so I removed it, and the
machine didn't boot.  With my dead NVRAM, my ethernet hardware address is
set to 00:00:00:00:00:00 and that seems to be a problem with my bootpd.  I
ordered a new NVRAM chip, and it should be here next week, but does anyone
know how to set the MAC address?  I have RiscOS running on that machine if
that helps.  I booted netbsd using sash.

> I have 2 machines in a similar situation.  Unfortunately it isn't as easy
> to set as the NVRAM is broken into 2 sections.  The first 1024 bytes are
> READ ONLY and enforced by hardware, The remaining 1015 bytes (leaving room
> for the RTC registers) are R/W Access.   Because of the hardware write
> protect on the first 1k of memory you cannot reprogram the chip from the
> monitor as Soren does on the sgimips platforms.

It appears my RC3230 is the same :(

To make matters worse, I have no way of actually booting my RC3230 as the
disks in the system appear to have either been corrupted or erased, and I
have no RISCOS tapes. [The machine was a gift from an ex-hacker who got it
through unknown means].  This prevents me from actually using the machine.
Anybody willing to send me a QIC150 cartridge with an appropriate install
image, and basic install instructructions, would be greatly appreciated at
this point :)

> If all else fails we have to hardcode the MAC Address into the kernel -
> that goes against every single rule in networking and IU would be very
> reluctant to do that.

Just make it a boot parameter...  I could live with that.

> If you have access to anything that takes a 6116 then you will hopefully
> be able to reprogram it on that machine.   I would like to see the
> datasheet first to ensure it is in fact able to be done that way.

Do any of the Sparcs use this nvram chip?  I fortunately have access to a
large number of SparcStations.

> More info on a procedure will follow when I have reprogrammed mine.
> >   I'm looking forward to getting the userland stuff.
> I now have the kernel running NetBSD-current reliably as the userland has
> been compiling non stop for the last 24 hours as a regression test.
> There is a little housekeeping required on the code before it can hit the
> tree, but I expect it to be only a week away.

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