Subject: Mips Magnum test kernel available for download
To: None <>
From: Wayne Knowles <>
List: port-mips
Date: 07/23/2000 12:46:43
After several days of testing and removing some of my debugging printf's
the kernel is now in a fairly stable condition for others to attempt
running on their hardware.

I would really appreciate feedback from anyone with a suitable machine as
to how they get on.   As with any early stage of a new port there may be
differences in hardware that haven't been taken into consideration.
Please send a copy of the kernel bootup message so we can check that it
looks correct.

I'm especially interested in hearing back from anyone with a re-badged
clone (Olivetti? Honeywell/Bull?) or other models in the Magnum 3000 line.
Also anyone running 4MB SIMM memory in their system.

Currently in you will see 2

    README.mipsco    - Breif set of release notes and install notes
    netbsd           - Kernel image

If you have RISC/os already installed then it will no doubt be the easiest
method of booting the NetBSD/mipsco kernel.

Soren has also suggested that the sgimips userland may work around the
problems with namelist functions not working against /netbsd 

A special thanks so far to:

   Toru Nishimura - Initial encouragement and tid-bits of info on NetBSD
   Soren Jorvang  - Making the test kernel available on  
   Allen Briggs   - Early comments on the README File

   Plus all the others who have offered to do testing - here is your

I am now starting to make the sources build under current so they can be
merged into the source tree.

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