Subject: R3000 Magnum port -- Re: R3000 SGI boxes
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-mips
Date: 05/11/2000 11:45:45
>> I would love to hear more about those docs.  I have a relabled Magnum 
>> 3000(Bull DPS M-20) and after I get things going on my Magnum4000(Olivetti 
>> M700) I plan to move onto the Magnum 3000s.  Between your docs, sources for 
>> RISCos, and sources for Plan9 we should have enough to get things going on 
>> the Magnum3000s.
> They talk about the hardware memory maps.  Likely enough so that you
> can write drivers and such if you can find the datasheets.

Things are mostly prepared, just start the project.  You have complete
ELF toolchain with PIC/dynamic link and cross compile environment on
any handy NetBSD (or other) box.  You have plenty supplies of MI source
code for most hardwares inside R3000 Magnum.  You may have RISCos 4.x
driver source code found in /usr/src/uts/.  You even have no need to
run painfully ackward process of preparing any /usr/lib/ and building
the entire userland; just pick up NetBSD/newmips snapshot.  So, what
are you waiting for? :->

Tohru Nishimura
Nara Institute of Science and Technology