Subject: Net booting an 'arc' NEC riscserver 2200
To: None <>
From: bob meader <>
List: port-mips
Date: 02/29/2000 17:37:13
Hello folks !
Using a kernel from Noriyuki Soda I am
now very close to having a 'working BSD'
machine. Soda's kernel (using 'serial' console)
init's Ok and reconginizes the 'sonic' ethernet

Now it I need to setup an NFS server.
First question:
   I see know 'mips arc' snapshot where can
I get the necessary binaries to build a 'root' file system.
Second question:
 Assuming I can get a 'root filesystem' properly exported what is the
I need to enter the kernel propt "root device >" to set the mips
machine IP address and to tell the IP address of the NFS server to
'mount' the exported file system.

Basically I need some binaries and a quick how to net-boot an
 mips arc (little endian R4400 ).