Subject: Re: RISCServer 2200
To: None <>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: port-mips
Date: 02/19/2000 03:14:43
I'm sorry for late response.

> While cleaning out some closet space here we ran across an old
> NEC RISCServer 2200 system, and we figured we might as well make use of
> it. I'm not a huge fan of WinNT, especially not the 3.5.1 that came with
> this machine, so I looked around for other OS support... Surprise,
> NetBSD was the only one I found.

Could you send me the results of the following diagnostics commands?

1. If WinNT is installed on the machine, output of "winmsd.exe"
	winmsd.exe can be invoked via
		Start Menu -> Programs
			-> Administrative Tools Windows NT Diagnostics
	please choose "Print" bottun, and select
		"Scope => All tabs"
		"Detail Level => Complete"
		"Destination => File"

2. Output of arcdiag standalone program.
	This program can be found on
	- Put this "arcdiag" program on a root directory of FAT partition.
	- Reboot the machine.
	- select "Run Program" menu of ARC BIOS
	- enter the following string on "Program to run: " prompt.
	  this "disk(0)" means SCSI ID 0, and "partition(1)" means that
	  first partition of the disk.
	- enter string "dump" on "arcdiag>" prompt.
	  this command writes a file "arcdiag.out" on the same
	  directory of arcdiag command.

From the information which Nick Burke sent to me, NEC RISC Server 2200
seems to be somewhat similar to PICA and MAGNUM, so probably the machine
can run NetBSD. (Although I'm not sure about SCSI controller of the
machine, at least console and network card may be supported.).

NetBSD/arc currently runs fine on PICA and MAGNUM R4000.
Currently DeskStation support is broken, but I'd like to repair it.
If someone in this list has DeskStation or other ARC machine,
please send me results of above commands. TIA.
--		Software Research Associates, Inc., Japan
(Noriyuki Soda)		   IT Industry System Division Group 3