Subject: casio E100 / hpcmips
To: None <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: port-mips
Date: 10/20/1999 17:03:47

    a friend of mine has a Casio E-100 and wants to try and get hpcmips
running on it.   the web page only claims support for E-55/E500.  he
tried the snapshot and the E-100 ran the pbsdboot.exe, but it wasn't
clear what to set the framebuffer type to (E-100 has color screen) or,
alternately, how to get a serial console.  loading a kernel with 
framebuffer set to E-55 didn't do anthing interesting (other than 
hard-hang the system).   what are the odds of getting hpcmips to work 
on something like the E-100/E-105?
(see for on-line info...)

chuck c.